“Walking down the hall, you begin to detect the fresh earthy scent of eucalyptus. Upon opening the door you hear calming music, experience appropriate mood lighting, and follow the soft glow of soothing candles. In this transformative environment, there’s a feeling of being thousands of miles away on a tiny island oasis. It’s quiet, almost serene, and a bit surreal when you realize where you actually are, in the heart of rehab center — one of the busiest, most movin’ and groovin’ areas of Holiday Care Center.”

Those blissful observations could be attributed to any one of the rehabbing patients, or staff members who’ve ever taken Donna Schwartzman’s Thursday yoga class. For the past three years Mrs. Schwartzman has been the Administrator at Holiday Care Center and is leading the movement to integrate a more holistic approach to healing and wellness. She is the person most responsible for integrating yoga into Holiday Care Center’s already highly regarded and well-rounded therapeutic recreation program.

Located in Toms River, NJ, Holiday Care Center has always been a state of the art minded place. To further this idea, the upcoming Women’s Wellness and Beauty Expo (open from 8:30am to 1:30pm on Thursday, October 18th), is another example of Holiday Care Center’s commitment to bringing the respected medical model and new worlds of holistic health and wellness to residents of Holiday City and the surrounding communities.

The event will feature the following free screening, seminars, and events:

  • Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Screenings
    Cardio Risk Assessments
    Blood Sugar Screening and Diabetes Information
    Weight Loss Information and BMI Assessments
    Derma Scan for Skin Health
    Brain Health and Fitness Exercises
    Balance Screenings
    Reiki Sessions
    Gentle Yoga Classes
    Breast Health Bingo
    Joint Pain Seminar by Dr. Passariello
    Skin Care Demonstrations
    Volunteer Opportunities

An integration of both medical and holistic models toward health and wellness allows those who practice an opportunity to be proactive and take ownership in their journey toward wellbeing. One thing is for certain – this practice at Holiday Care Center is making the healing process a more rewarding and meaningful experience.

Holiday Care Center is one of Ocean County’s most highly regarded nursing and rehabilitative facilities. It’s diverse and specialized services include a highly-skilled sub-acute rehabilitation program, 24/7 care for the chronically ill in a traditional long-term care setting, and a dynamic and well structured memory care neighborhood. Please call (732) 240-0900 for more information on the wellness event or to schedule a tour of our beautiful facilities.