The New Jersey Association Directors of Nursing Administration (NJADONA) recently confirmed what the staff and residents at Holiday Care Center in Toms River have known for years: Evelina Andujar has a special commitment to seniors in need. NJADONA, which annually honors individuals for outstanding nursing care, has elected Andujar to receive its 2012 Certified Nurse Aide of the Year award.


Administrator Donna Schwartzman, CSW, LNHA, says that Holiday Care Center’s longstanding reputation for providing the highest quality care can be attributed to the standard of excellence set by compassionate caregivers like Evelina Andujar, who go above and beyond to serve residents’ needs. “Evelina takes pride in her work, taking care of each resident with respect, love and kindness.”

Since 2004, Andujar has been a vital contributor to Holiday Care Center’s culture. Whether assisting a patient, cleaning up after a spill, bringing valid issues to the safety committee, or entertaining residents and staff with a very convincing Cher impersonation at a recent Academy Award-themed activity event, Andujar is always an inspiration.

For displaying great flexibility and versatility supporting patients and staff on all three of Holiday Care Center’s sixty-bed units, Andujar was designated lead aide on the Sub-Acute Unit, as well as mentor for future orientees. But perhaps her most meaningful quality is simple human kindness. Ellie Hoffner, long term care resident at Holiday Care Center, credits Andujar’s encouragement and counsel with helping her through the difficult times adjusting to being away from her home and husband. “It was those times that she sat with me and told me everything was going to be ok that I got through the earlier days, and I am here today and doing well because of her.”

“Holiday Care Center is my second family”, says Andujar. “I love my residents. I am part of their lives and they are part of mine. I do everything in my power to keep them healthy and let them know they are loved.”

Holiday Care Center is one of Ocean County’s most highly regarded nursing and rehabilitative facilities. Its diverse and specialized services include 24/7 nursing care for the chronically ill, patients in need of sub acute and convalescent care, rehab services, physical, occupational and speech therapy and a state-certified Alzheimer’s Dementia Care program.